Feb 06 2018

Watch how a school in Wisconsin saved nearly 20 thousand dollars a month from their energy bill through the use of MyMeter

The On Demand Savings (ODS) program was recognized in early 2017 with an award from the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance for helping MGE's business customers achieve greater savings by reducing energy use—especially in summer months when electric use peaks across the region.

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Nov 14 2017

Accelerated Innovations Adds New Thought Leaders and Industry Specialists to Its Core Team

Accelerated Innovations, LLC (AI),known for its innovative engagement platform, MyMeter, has also been contributing to the overall evolution of the utilities industry. AI has consistently helped raise the bar of customer engagement and data presentment for nearly a decade by partnering with industry thought leaders and by signing experts to its national team. Most recently, Jon Hacker and Steve Nisbet, who each bring more than ten years of inside technical and field experience, are continuing their careers in the utilities sector by joining the AI team.

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Oct 04 2017

Accelerated Innovations Expands into New York City with New Program and Resources

This month Accelerated Innovations, LLC (AI) expands its operations into New York with the hiring of Jonathan Hacker. Jon will serve as the Energy Efficiency Engagement Manager for a soon-to-launch commercial energy conservation program in New York City.

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Jun 29 2017

Continuous improvement, solid partnerships bring significant growth to Accelerated Innovations’ business and product platform

Today, Accelerated Innovations (AI) serves utilities with customer engagement solutions in more than 20 states. Over the past two years, AI saw its largest growth yet. In 2016, the company experienced a 70% financial growth from its product platform, MyMeter. And, the expansion continues in 2017 with AI already doubling its customer base and approaching 100 utility partners.

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Jun 20 2017

MyMeter in New Orleans - What’s the Score? Entergy New Orleans Customers Can Find Out Through Online Portal

NEW ORLEANS – When it comes to energy usage, weather is a major factor in how much or how little the meter spins. And thanks to a pilot program launched by Entergy New Orleans, customers can not only learn how weather affects their home energy usage, but also how they can make informed choices about energy-saving measures.

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